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Revolutionising the customer journey

We create more satisfying customer experiences with every transaction. Aisleplus replaces traditional POS stations and decentralises the check out counter; redefining the retail environment. Our zero-friction checkout eliminates waiting and gives valuable time back to staff and customers. Contactless, cashless and convenient.

How it works

Convenience reigns supreme

Our thoughtful solution helps stores take advantage of high-volume traffic by speeding up the transaction process without sacrificing the quality of the customer experience. Customisable with both self-assisted or assisted check out modes, Aisleplus notifies customers of personalised offers and product suggestions to effortlessly grow basket size.

Product Highlights

Provide immediate service

Customers don’t need to wait in line or for staff assistance with a multi-functional Aisleplus solution at their fingertips.

Optimise cashier-only staff

Free customer service from behind the counter to engage more with customers.

Create more visual space

Reduce the number of traditional POS stations and space required, giving merchandisers more space to display and entice customers.

Technology & Security

  • Utilising Progressive Web applications, Google’s Angular 9 and Iconic we create a native user experience enabling Aisleplus to cater for all platforms and operating systems.

  • Aisleplus backend is built using Microsoft .NET Core maintaining a microservices design to our flexible API Services Framework.

  • The Aisleplus platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud in the Sydney Region within an auto scaled environment.

  • Backups and redundancy have been implemented across the Azure platform, creating multi regional redundancies for data and pipeline.

  • Aisleplus uses SSL to enable safe transmission of sensitive data between platform endpoints encapsulating our entire platform within a Microsoft Azure B2C security environment.

    Data is safely stored within a virtual private network preventing any unauthorised access. 

Delight customers with every transaction.

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