What is InTouch?

The SmartBasket InTouch module is a powerful retailers CRM tool. That can track current purchase considerations as well as historic customer transactions.

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What Can InTouch do?

With the InTouch module, the retailer can see all active SmartBaskets, can open them, view them and can then;

See Gross Margin

The Retailer can see the dollar gross margin available if the transaction is completed.

Send Messages

To the customer, either manually, automatically or triggered by business rules.

Know Stock Location

Know if items selected are ‘owned’ stock or still at a suppliers warehouse.

Check Competitor

The retailer can check competitors pricing and enable the customer to do the same if they wish.

Check Stock Levels

And then notify the customer of impending out of sock on selected items.

Add Discounts

And modify pricing, it doesn’t stop there – AislePlus can do much more..