What is SmartBasket?

The companion App for AislePlus, SmartBasket is the ultimate shopping cart. The SmartBasket CRM interface can be opened on a mobile device, website or reopened in the store. This would allow, for example, a customer to make a selection on a website then reopen their selection with a sales representative, or a basket created in store could be “taken home”.

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What Can it do?

With the AislePlus SmartBasket a customer can save their selection either on the kiosk, in the store or from the website. Once the basket is created, the customer can;

Receive Messages from the Store

Prompt your customer with relevant deals, reminders and marketing – straight to their phone.

Complete the Transaction

Your customer can checkout anywhere, anytime on-the-fly.

Change the Selection

Customers can save cart progress and make changes to their selection anytime.

Check Competitor

If enabled by the retailer, the customer can be confident they are getting the best price.

Check Stock Levels

At various locations, customers can see if their desired item is in stock in real-time.

And Much More

It doesn’t stop there, SmartBasket has many more features…