Retailer’s Message.

Re-connect with your customers.

In conjunction with the InStock retailers smart App, a retailer can send messages about added discounts, special deals, adjusted totals or let the customer know when their selected products are getting low in stock to saved carts. Save those abandoned carts and reward local customers with engaging details that are focused to the customer.


Product Wayfinder

Equip your customer with an in store Map.

SmartBasket is able to create a “wayfinder” floor plan for your customer to use for self-selection of goods in the basket throughout a physical store or shopping centre, automatically shown through a printed map, electronic map, or talking directions. This can be created on a store kiosk, website or mobile handheld device. It is activated through a View In Store map button on the product page and can also talk your customer through the store to the goods in your basket/shopping list.


Pricematch Feature

Find the best deal around.

Once a SmartBasket is created in any of the above mentioned ways, the SmartBasket is able to scan other internet prices of the goods in the basket i.e. able to scan the internet for other sellers prices of the selected goods. The retailer may set a business rule to match the lowest competitive price.