Save to SmartBasket

From the kiosk to the customers phone.

The customer can have the SmartBasket App link sent to them simply by entering their phone number or email address. Each item in their cart is saved and each has a unique number that they can use to import based on their phone number or email address.


Login & View Cart.

Customers can find the baskets they have saved.

With their phone number, customers can login to SmartBasket and retrieve the smart baskets are saved to their account, it’s easy. From there they find what baskets they have saved and continue with the order. Products can be viewed so the customer can see what’s saved in their cart.

Special Deals
Adjusted Totals
Low Stock


Product Page

See all the details.

The customer can change quantities, add additional accessories, check prices. Selecting a product opens a detailed breakdown of their selection, the customer can easily add additional accessories to their product and check prices.


Confirm Cart & Billing Steps

Finalise the order.

Customers can view and finalise all their product selections (accessories included) onscreen into an easy to read format. Help your customers know what they are looking to purchase before they need to pay. The customer follows through the steps to enter their contact details, this follows the same method as the AislePlus Kiosk, so the information is the same.