InTouch Dashboard

Showing all of those saved “SmartBaskets”.

The left menu shows pending baskets “SmartBaskets” saved in the system; selecting each one brings up the order whereby the retailer can edit prices, apply discounts, send a message to the customer, search competitors pricing etc.


Competitor Pricescan

The best price available.

The retailer is able to scan other prices available on the internet for the product. Quoted prices can then either automatically or manually be adjusted accordingly.


Send Messages

Re-connect with the customer.

The retailer can either automatically (based on a series of predetermined business rules) or manually send out messages to the basket holder to inform them of further offers/discounts, out of stocks to either encourage the transaction or simply inform the customer.


Edit Prices

The retailer can offer manual discounts.

On an edit prices page the retailer can adjust the retail price by individual item or items, keeping baskets up to date and encourage sales when the cart has been left idling.


Cart Discounts

And whole cart discounts.

The retailer can add a percentage or dollar amount discount, override the cart total and add a new discounted total price to encourage the customer to finish the transaction or simply update the basket.