Say Hello With TeeMail

TeeMail , it’s simple. Pick your tee, pick your packaging, write your message, pay & it’s on the way.

For retail store, Between the Flags, TeeMail was a no-brainer. Tees, just like uggs, are a major product for the souvenir industry and what better way to receive a your souvenir gift in a giant personalised postcard?!

TeeMail was more than ideal to test in Between the Flags stores, with 90% of BTF customers from the tourism sector a proof of concept trial was perfect for these stores – and proved a success.


Select a Category

Designs are catalogued into 3 sections to make it easy to find the TeeMail for you.

Select a Design

Scroll through a huge range of designs and make your selection.

Select a Size

Made easy with sizing guides. If you know your size, you’re just a few touches away to finalising your TeeMail.

Select your Packaging

Choose your TeeMail packaging, with 5 designs to choose from there is something for everyone.

Customise your Packaging

With a fully personalised message, customers are able to write their own message to the recipient.

Process your Payment

One swipe and your TeeMail is on its way.

The Objectives 

How was TeeMail going to help

For the Retailer

In a digital world, gathering email data has become an inherent practice for the retail sector. BTF initially tried counter sign up offers, offering customer immediate discounts on their purchases in exchange for their email. We found customers were either reluctant enough to pass up the offer or often provided incorrect details. What better way to combat these issues than offering the solution of a personalised gift, wrapped and sent right to their door?!

For the Customer

The common BTF customer is on a holiday. This means customers need to carry anything they purchase as a gift around for the remainder of their holiday, risking damage or loss, and then transport all of their goods back home with them. What better way to combat these issues than offering a personalised, gift wrapped & sent right to their door solution?!

What else?

After TeeMails success in the early days of the trial, BTF implemented “free” TeeMails when the customer spent over a certain amount in a single transaction. This saw a significant increase in customer spend per transaction, proving a powerful marketing tool to drive inshore sales also.


Between The Flags

The BTF Flagship Store

Tried and tested in 4 iconic locations across Sydney.

Location is everything, especaily when you your target market is tourists. Could there be a more appropriate place to send a giant personalised postcard gift from? We think not.

The Customer Experience

Easy to use
Used by All

We had a great sample of ages from different backgrounds use and process sales through the kiosk. It wasn’t limited to only the “tech-y”.

Not Afraid of
New Technology

With tees in store there to reassure look, fit and sizing, and samples of the packaging customers weren’t afraid of purchasing on a touchscreen.

Thanks for the
After Sales Service

Customers were excited to have their gifts shipped straight to the recipient, and not to have to carry them around on holiday. Customers were also excited about the ability to personalise their gift.

A Universal Language

Although there was a language barrier present with our foreign customers, they were still able to process orders through simple user-interface mechanics found in all e-commerce stores.