The Australian Sheepskin Boot Co-Op

Multiple Brands, Styles and Colours - Available Onscreen

High Price Point,
Tourist Considerations

Sheepskin boots have become a major product for the souvenir industry in Australia particularly with the influx of visitors from Asia who see the product as the ideal Australian gift and momento.

The relatively high price point and bulk of sheepskin boots combined with the high rental at the majority of retail distribution points made the product ideal for a proof of concept trial.

The Inherent Problems

Challenges facing the retailer and customer

For the Retailer

The bulkiness of the item limits the number of sizes which a retail store can stock, carry and merchandise on the floor. This problem is then compounded by the number of styles a store wishes to sell.

For the Customer

The peak season for sheepskin boot sales occurs during the Australian summer when tourists flock from colder climates. This means customers need to carry bulky winter items during their holiday and risk damage and loss

What does it mean?

In order to stock a limited 5 styles, a store would need 75-90 pairs on hand. To stock a more compelling range of say 10 styles is prohibitive due to the cost of stock and storage space.

Bondi Pavilion

The BTF Flagship Store

Located right down on Bondi Beach.

At 75 square metres, space use is critical at this location. Prior to kiosk installation 7 styles in 5 sizes were stocked.


So What Happened?

What were the results? What did we Learn?


Changing the way we do business…

Our range of styles grew from 7 to over 45. Some new styles, some in different colourways.
We sold new styles that we were never able to carry before.
We were able to offer a larger size range (from 6-9 to 5-13).
With the help of television screens tethered to the kiosk we were able to run and manage digital marketing campaigns on a daily/weekly basis – thus negating the costs of print signage
We dramatically reduced the required investment in stock. In return for our suppliers taking on the risk of holding stock, we gave them more control of the way their range was presented to the customer.

The Customer Experience

Easy to use
Used by All

We had a great sample of ages from different backgrounds use and process sales through the kiosk. It wasn’t limited to only the “tech-y”.

Not Afraid of
New Technology

With samples there to reassure look, fit and sizing, customers weren’t afraid of purchasing on a touchscreen.

Thanks for the
After Sales Service

Customers were glad to have items shipped to their home/office and not have to carry them around on holiday.

A Universal Language

Although there was a language barrier present with our foreign customers, they were still able to process orders through simple user-interface mechanics found in all e-commerce stores.

The Essential Numbers



    Increase in
    Gross Profit

    Weekly average on a 5-week Basis.

  • 64%



    Reduction in
    Stocked Inventory

    Could carry even less of the original basic ranges.

  • 28%



    Increase in
    Total Sales

    Weekly average on a 5-week Basis.

  • 112%

New Technology.

AislePlus is helping retailers and brand owners perform their core tasks better.

Better Buying Decisions

The Customer is better informed and has a wider choice.

Extending Your Shelf

The Retailer can present their customer with a better offer while using less space and less stock.

Stronger Brand Awareness

Brand owner / supplier has more control over the brand’s presentation in the marketplace and has a more immediate connection with the retailer.