Track Your Sales Team Performance

Enter in your employee details to help track the performance of your sales team on a per order basis. Highlight whether certain orders were sales assisted or unassisted or who your top performers were.


Discount Messages

Reward your customers for buying more. Automatically apply discounts when customers spend a certain amount to reward them for adding more to their cart.

Apply Discounts

After logging in with their details, the sales person is able to adjust the cart total, apply a percentage or dollar discount and apply a “free shipping” discount which overrides the final shipping price.


What features make it better than current offerings?

Many retailers have tried to create a digital in-store system by adding a web site to the shop floor. The slow download rate and lack of touch specific user interface fail to engage the customer. AislePlus’ patented features were arrived at after five years of shop floor development.

Always Fast

The kiosk enables fast and seamless interaction with high-res images and is video powered by a unique hybrid data management system along with a customised “big button” touch interface to engage the customer on the shop floor.


In the Cloud

The SmartBasket CRM interface can be opened on a mobile device, website or in-store device. This would allow, for example, a customer to make a selection on  a website then re-open their basket on the store kiosk or tablet to discuss their selection with a sales representative. Or, a basket created in-store could be “taken home” to complete the transaction.

Know Your Sales

The SmartBasket module is a powerful CRM tool that can track current purchase considerations as well as allowing the retailer to view the customers intended purchase selection with the potential GM achievable and make live or automatic offers accordingly.


The home page and catalogue can be customised for each location in order to direct the customer to offers that are more relevant to a particular location’s stock level or specific local market requirements. Live stock levels from multiple locations (warehouse/store) can also be viewed. AislePlus can duplicate a kiosk’s customised catalogue on a website without the need for additional data entry. Combining this with the region/store linked mailing lists gives each franchise its own website and the ability to personalise the digital customer relationship.

Benefits of using the AislePlus System

Lower Stock Holding

Less capital required to purchase goods for “stock”. Product can be housed at the supplier or at a central location offsite.

Less Space is Required

Because the goods are virtualized on-screen, space is being used more efficiently and effectively. (Lower Rent).

Sell in New Marketplaces

With minimal setup and outlay you can now place kiosks in new non – traditional retail locations to help sell your product in new marketplaces.

Reduce Buying Errors

Fewer markdowns occur when stock is being moved only after a customer purchase.

No Shelf-Life Expiry

Products are managed via an e-store backend enabling catalogues to be updated and managed as required.

Extend Your Range

Use the “endless aisle” system and offer an extend style range to what’s already on the shop floor.

Never be out of stock

Being out of stock or size is no longer a missed sales opportunity. Complete the sale in the moment.

Reduce Shrinkage

Reduce shrinkage because the physical goods are being warehoused offsite or at a more centralised location.

Better Offer Flexibility

Sell product on the kiosk at lower margins to help complete sales of your core-product.

Electronic Live Signage

Tether screens to the kiosk to create instore electronic signage and manage the content at a single remote location.

Kiosk Analytics

Analyse performance with kiosk analytics to show things like “most-viewed items” & “time spent viewing items” alongside “best-sellers” etc.

Build Your Mailing List

Use the built-in mailing list feature to collect data for future marketing campaigns. (customers can also opt-in at the time of purchase or on-screen in the moment).

Build Product Knowledge

Add an extended product description and upload videos to use as a selling tool for the benefit of the customer and on-floor staff.

Multi-Lingual Feature

Use the kiosk’s multi-lingual feature to cater for non-native customers. A perfect tool for closing the sale in tourist retail.